So Tired !

! Assalamua'alaikum !

comel betul kucing tu tiduq atas buku. teringat pulak dekat arwah kucing Nani yang mati 8th January 2012 , taktau sebab apa. malam ni penat giloss, ye laa last-2 minute buat english essay untuk folio english yang wajib dihantar pada 1st July 2012, hehe bagus betulkan Nani ni. HUH ! 

ni laa essays yg perlu Nani ngn kawan sekelas buat, nasib laa tajuk bebas !
Informal Letter - 3
Formal Letter - 3
Article - 3
Report - 3
Speech - 3 
Reasoned Opinion - 3
Note Expansion - 5
Process and Procedure - 3
Argumentative Essay - 2

nak baca tak satu essays yg Nani buat, hehehe tapi informal letter laa , hehe, bukan apa saja2 bagi memanjangkan lagi entry ni :P

Dear Uncle Kamal,
     How are you? I hope you and your family are in the branches of health. Everyone here are as fit as a fiddle. My mid-year exam ended fortnights ago. What a relief! History and Geography are quite difficult. I hope I will pass all subjects with flying colors result. I am writing this letter mainly want to invite you, Aunt Intan and your sons, Hariz and Hazim, on a camping trip for school holidays that is just around the corner.

     Father has found the campsite. It is in Taman Tasik Taiping. It is just a stone’s throw from your house, right? Moreover, it is located near a town, so we can easily go there if we need supplies. There is a mini market in the town just 15 minutes bus-ride.

     A father’s friend A friend of father has camped there with his family. He said the place is serene, peaceful and clean. The place is planted with many trees. Apart from making the place shady, the greenery makes the atmosphere so cool and refreshing. Moreover, there’s an unpolluted, crystal clear waterfall waiting to tempt us. Father’s friend also said that the place is quite safe. The boundary is clearly marked, so you and Aunt Lucy need not worry about the boys wandering off. Park rangers are also on duty to help us if we have any problems.

     The campsite has excellent facilities too. There are tents for rent so we do not have to bring our own. Moreover, the rental is not cost an arm and a leg. There is a children’s playground. I am pretty sure the boys would love that. They can play as long as they want. There are also toilets and shower rooms at the campsite.

     Do say you will come, uncle. It has been for ages, we did not have this precious time. At night, we can have barbeque. It is going to be so tantalizing and scrumptious. I can bring along my new board game which is extremely fun and hilarious. My sister and I always end up in stitches every time we play.

     In a nut shell, do drop me a line. I hope you will have good news for us. Do give our regards to Aunt Intan, Hariz and Hazim. Bye!

Your niece,

okay tak hahaha , OH MY ENGLISH ! kalau ada silap tolong repair sikit dekat ruangan komen tau ! ;)

ni laa kucing Nani yang mati bulan Januari lepas ! sampai sekarang masih belum dapat cari pengganti :(

Assalamua'alaikum :)

Dah baca kan? Komen sikit ;)

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